International Research forum for Scientific Research

Senior Member

The grade of IRFSR Member is conferred on engineers and scientists and shall be conferred only on invitation of the Executive Committee (Governing Board) upon a person of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who has made extraordinary contributions in the engineering field.

As a Senior Member of IRFSR: (only Professors and Associate Professors should apply)

  1. You may propose to organize and chair a new or existing IRFSR conference.
  2. You will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant IRFSR conference.
  3. You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant IRFSR conference.
  4. You can register the IRFSR conference with a discounted price.
  5. You will be invited to delivery a keynote speech at the relevant IRFSR conference.
  6. You will be invited to join the editorial boards of the IRFSR Journals.

If you are interested in joining IRFSR, please send your resume to Your application will be processed in 3 working days.