International Research forum for Scientific Research


IRFSR Provides you the opportunity to publish the papers in highly reputed peer-reviewed International Journals. Currently, IRFSR has two categories of Journals as mentioned below: List-A Journals and List-B Journals. 

List-B journals are Scopus/UGC/Web of Science/SCI Indexed Journals. To publish in the journals the author needs to submit the paper to us or send a request to  . For publication in the List-B(Scopus/UGC/Web of Science/SCI)Indexed the author needs to pay the nominal extra charges (not included in the conference registration fees.

List-A Peer Revived Highly quality OA Journals
List-B Journals (Scopus, Web of Science and UGC Approved Journals)

Email us   to get the APC, Complete list of Scopus/UGC/Web of Science/SCI Indexed Journals associated with us and the Publication Procedure

Important Information:

The IRFSR can submit the extended version registered conferences papers to the above International journals (List-A and List-B) with the written request from the author of the papers.

Cost of Publication

in List-A Journal is Free (Only online Publication) for all IRFSR Registered Papers and authors need not to pay if it’s got selected for the journal for online publication.

in List-B Journal is 150 USD to 500USD per paper which will not be included in the IRFSR conference registration fees. Email us to get the exact Publication charges (APC) of a particular journal.

The tentative time period for Publication:

 For List-A Journal the duration of publication is 30 to 90 days after the day of the Conference.

 For List-B Journal the duration of publication is 30 to 120 days after the day of the conference (may exceed 6 months).